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Low Voltage DC Traction Motors

Peerless Electric low voltage DC traction motors - custom designed and quality engineered - meets today's industrial demands for more mobile and efficient material handling systems. Peerless Electric traction motors are incorporated in a variety of battery powered vehicle applications requiring 12, 24, or 36 volt DC motors with horsepower rate from 1/2 to 7 1/2 HP.

Peerless Electric traction motors are low voltage series wound DC motors of multipolar design and normally rated for one hour varying duty to provide maximum efficiency for maximum battery life. Frames D188 and D223 utilize strap wound field coils, providing high current carrying capability to insure longer field coil insulation life. Class "F" insulation is supplied as standard for added thermal protection.

Of ruggedly simple design, Peerless Electric traction motors are supplied with flange or base mounting to the customer's requirements. Motors are available in either open or totally enclosed non-ventilated construction, and can be built to Underwriter's Laboratory specifications for type "E" or type "EE" standards.

Terminal studs of corrosion resistant brass are conveniently located on the enclosure to facilitate cable hook-up.

A variety of ratings and mechanical modifications can be supplied to meet the exacting requirements of any traction application.

Specific Advantages of the Typical Peerless Electric DC Traction Motor

  1. Extended Brush Life

  2. Smaller in size - Less Weight

  3. Ease of Maintenance

  4. Higher Efficiency - Longer Battery Life

  5. Class F Insulation - Added thermal protection

  6. Variety of Enclosures and Mountings

  7. Simplified Design and Construction

  8. Terminal Studs - Easier Connections

  9. Multipolar Designs - Shorter Motor Lengths - Longer Brush Life

  10. Strap Wound Series Field Coils - High Temperature Resistant


PEERLESS ELECTRIC motors made from efficient new materials improve material handling equipment performance. The new PEERLESS ELECTRIC Low Voltage D.C. Traction, Lift Pump, and Power Steering Motors are proof positive.

Incorporation of high-tech materials reduces motor weight and battery power requirements. High efficiencies and reduced heating result in reduced battery charging and downtime. These motors are perfect for applications with frequent starts and stops.

Our motor-sizing computer programs help determine the optimum size for your requirements. Low EMI emission models conform to limits specified in EN-50081-1:1992 and required by EN-55022. Plus, we are capable of providing custom motor designs to meet your specific electrical performance or mechanical requirements.

DC Traction Motor
56 Frame

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Industrial Lift Trucks
Motorized Pallets
Utility Vehicles
Hoists and Lifts
Personnel Carriers
Torque Motors

DC Traction Motor
180 Frame

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