Who We Are

PEERLESS ELECTRIC has manufactured quality electric motors for customers around the world for over 122 years. Our motor building experience and knowledge has been passed along over the years through the generations of Peerless Electric technical and production employees helping us develop unlimited motor design possibilities that create exacting performance for our customers.

The Peerless Electric Company was founded in 1893 in Warren, Ohio. Peerless Electric quickly gained a reputation as a quality motor and generator manufacturing company producing reliable, quality-built products … a reputation that continues today.

Today, Peerless Electric is a subsidiary of HBD Industries, Inc. The company remains in full production in the original location some 120+ years later. Peerless Electric designs and manufactures job –specific AC and DC motors designed for pump, military, and other commercial applications. Peerless Electric’s motors are intricate components supplied to a diverse range of OEMs allowing them to develop and produce equipment serving diverse niche markets and unique applications, such as power generation, material handling, the machine tool industry, power transmission, hoist/lifting cranes and many others.